Pinch is a different way of meeting new people for the first time.

We know how stressful chatting with a new guys or new girls might become.

So … We've came up with a new concept …

In just a few seconds we allow you to break the thick ice

providing you with some juicy details to chat about.

Unlike other dating apps out there, Pinch has found a quick and fun way of getting the oldest dating method into the digital age - The ice breaker.

With Pinch you can:

1) Connect with real people using Facebook login

2) Easily set up a match

3) Get started with a quick introduction for a better chat experience

Pinch conveniently login through Facebook in order to verify the authenticity of all profiles.

Pinch can keep things moving along with one-on-one introduction to provide you with some fun stuff to chat about.

And don’t worry about anyone seeing when a Pinch request is made or when you get matched with someone. Pinch respects privacy and doesn’t ever post anything to Facebook without your permission!

Use Pinch to find a match

Browse through Pinch users to check out possible romantic matches. When you find someone intriguing, simply "Pinch" your profile pictures together.

Once you have their approval, you'll be on your way to a playful Ice-Breaker to get to know your potential match better.


The team

Pinch was created by Michael Netanel and Avi Ganon after noticing how stressful chatting might become

and how often it simply results in nothing.

A new platform that makes our first digital encounters more comfortable and less awkward is defiantly within reach.