What the heck is Pinch?

Pinch is a new experience that allows people

to get to know their potential match and to get interesting topics to chat about.


Why is it called Pinch?

When you you've found someone you want to meet, you simply "pinch" your profile pics together.


Is everybody going to see when I make a pinch request or get matched with someone?

Absolutely not. Pinch respect your privacy, and doesn't post anything to Facebook.


What if someone "Pinches" me and I'm not interested?

You can say "no thanks," and again, nothing will be posted to Facebook. So, there's no public shaming or bad rejection stories for anybody.


Do I need a Facebook account to use Pinch?

Yes. For now it’s our way of ensuring profile authenticity.

If you don't have a Facebook account yet, it's likely many of your friends do. It's time to hop on the bandwagon and start connecting with Pinch!


Can I pinch as many times as I please?

Keeping your options open — we like your style. Absolutely. For now the amount of pinches is not limited, so you can request as many matches as you want. 


What's the ice breaker all about?

We didn't reinvent the wheel. We just made it spin better. When a match is approved, you get a set of five questions interaction with your potential match.

We basically present you both with same questions

that normally users are embarrassed to ask.

Both of you get to see each others answers before

moving on…


What happens after the ice breaker?

Congrats. ..You can chat with your match

after you have learned a few things about him or her... Chat is much more interesting and comfortable that way...

you can always access the answers from the chat room as well.


This isn't one of those dating apps right?

Some apps are just for hooking up. Some apps are for finding true love. We say "good for you" on either journey.

The additional value our users appreciate lays in our new concept. We don’t just throw you into the Chat,

We are actually providing you with interesting stuff to talk about. Mostly questions users feel embarrassed to ask.